The Night Terrors Podcast #17

In 2014, Liam Cunningham - presenter of the popular web series 'The Night Terrors Podcast' mysteriously disappeared. His love for the occult and supernatural was all over his podcast through the first 16 episodes. He also suffered from severe depression and anxiety. Not only did he disappear, but everything associated with him vanished too - his website, his social media and his podcast. Nothing was left, until a few weeks ago. 

The following recording was sent to us a few weeks ago from a sender called 'The Gamesmaster'. We believe this is the last known recording from The Night Terrors Podcast presenter, Liam Cunningham. From what we can gather his last podcast- the infamous 'Episode #17' was uploaded to his web drive and was sent to us by 'The Gamesmaster'. We made a web comic based on the story of his last hours, trying to figure out what really happened to the podcast presenter. We hope to uncover all the lost episodes someday and present them here on this website, so that they might be able to help find clues about his disappearance. We hope that someday, he is found safe and well.